Raksha Ayurveda Hospital


Raksha Ayurveda is an unique hospital where you can feel the embracing healing touch of Ayurveda. That is why भवदारोग्यमेव मम ध्येयम् रक्षा आयुर्वेदम्-our protection to your health through Ayurveda is our motto.

Remoulding one’s good health like a precious Pearl in Oyster shell and well secured feeling of a gentle baby in the embracing arms of a mother symbolize our humble medical service - is our logo.

Our Vision:

Village itself is the soul of Bharath and India is the country of villages. So flourishing and cheerful villages itself is vibrant India, prosperous Bharath, which cannot be attained without health. So health for all is the basic theme and can be achieved only by Ayurveda.

The whole world is looking eagerly towards India and Ayurveda for an alternative choice for its good health. It is the right time for globalization of Ayurveda and it is the necessity to have firm step about healthy home- healthy nation – through Ayurveda .

Raksha Ayurveda took its origin in this decisive period with a noble intention of serve the deserved. Health of an ultimate person of the society through Ayurveda is the motive of Raksha Ayurveda in serving the public.

Inspire, educate and practice Ayurveda in daily life is the 3 dimension programme of Raksha Ayurveda to promote and popularize Ayurveda.

Conducting educational programmes about the Ayurvedic dietetics as well as Ayurvedic daily and seasonal regimens in promoting good health , free yoga & meditation camps , periodic free health camps in schools as well as needy villages and towns are the ideas of Raksha Ayurveda which are coming in to reality.

Totally reaching the pulp of Ayurveda from rich to poor , foreigner to Indian is the ultimate aim of Raksha Ayurveda - रक्षामोवयमरोग्यं रचयामोनवमितिहासम् रक्षा आयुर्वेदम् -we shall start a new era by protecting our health through Ayurveda.

About the Promoter:

Mission – Ayurveda is the vision of Dr. Thirumaleshwara Bhat Shanthimoole the promoter of Raksha Ayurveda. After completion of B.A.M.S from Govt. Ayurveda Medical college Mysore of Mysore University, perceived M.D(Ay) in Kayachikithsa (General Medicine) from the same institution in 1990. Having an intention to serve the hometown , started his profession as an Ayurveda physician in 1990 at Bellare town.

Being the founder Principal, he was the basement structure in overall development of the prestigious K.V.G Ayurveda Medical College Sullia from 1996 to 2003. His foresight involved in the establishment of Raksha Ayurveda clinic and Raksha Ayurveda Medicals at sullia in 2003, successfully serving the public in the field of Ayurveda. His most anticipated dream Raksha Ayurveda Hospital came in to reality in 4th may 2013 and boosted his energy to serve in the field of Ayurveda.