Raksha Ayurveda Hospital


We do the Panchakarma therapy, the speciality treatment of Ayurveda, where the five fundamental eliminative (cleansing) procedures are used to treat the disease and to maintain good health. These can be adopted periodically in healthly individuals also for reconditioning the body & health, like regular services of a vehicle.

The Panchakarmas are:-

1. VAMANA : a detoxicative procedure which expels the toxic metabolites collected in our body in the form of vitiated kapha, by means of therapeutic emesis.

Indication:- Gastrointestinal disordes, respiratory disorders, skin problems, Migraine head ache etc.

2. VIRECHANA : or purgastion, by means of which the toxic metabolites of the body in the form of vitiated pitta will be expelled out from the systemic circulation.

Indication:- Gastro intestinal disorders, neurological disorders, skin disorders, disorders of Spleen & Liver, Connective tissue etc. It is a generalised cleansing method of the body in all the diseases.

3. BASTHI : Simply the wonderful treatment of Ayurveda, through medicated enema, pacifies the vitiated vatha. Dual action of purification and nourishment of the tissues can be achieved by Basthi. Niruha Basthi and Anuvasana Basthi are the two types where a mixture of herbal decoction, medicated ghee/oil & honey is used in Niruha Basthi and only medicated ghee/oil is used in Anuvasana.

Indication:- It is the best indication for disorders of Nervous system, joints and connective tissue. Not like other treatments, by means of Basthi we can treat almost all the diseases of the body.

4. NASYA : The nasal medication through medicated ghee/oil or herbal juice/decoction/powder is Nasya. It detoxicates the toxins and nourishes the tissues above the clavicle bone of neck.

Indication:- The disorders of Eye, ENT, central nervous system, Migraine, cervical disorders can be treated by Nasya.

5. Raktamokshana:- or blood letting is an important detoxicative procedure in Ayurveda to remove the impure blood in controlling the diseases. Jaloukavacharana (applying selective leeches to suck the blood) and Siravyadha (puncturing the superficial veins in the selective area and to let the free flow of blood) are the predominant types of blood letting in localised or generalised vitiation of blood respectively. Indication:- All types of skin diseases, Acne, metastatic and non metastatic tumours, gout, Liver & Splenic disorders, Glaucoma etc, systemic disorders.

6. AGNI KARMA: Apart from Panchakarma we also do the Agni karma, a special procedure explained in Ayurveda. It is a skillful therapy of burning the skin & underlying tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue in a particular place of the body with hot metal device.

Indication:- Spondylitis and other joint disorders.

Independent therapies which come under Panchakarma

1. ABHYANGA:- Partial or full body oil massage using lukewarm medicated oil, by light and rhythmic strokes, which soften the channels of the body facilitating the detachment of toxins from the tissues of the body for the purpose of elimination (shodhana).

Indication:- Helps to toneup the body tissues and effective in general relaxation. It induce good sleep, beneficial in joint disorders, musculo- skeletal and neurological disorders.

2. SWEDANA:- Otherwise sudation therapy, so that the pores and channels of the body open up and the toxins in the tissues will be released out, there by facilitating the elimination (shodhana).

Indication:- Joint disorders, musculo - skeletal and neurological disorders. Various methods of swedana:
i. Bashpa sweda:- steam bath by the steam of herbal decoction.
ii. Nadi sweda:- A variety of Bashpasweda only, where the sudation is done by giving steam of medicaled decoction through pipe to the requied part of the body or full body.
iii. Shashtikashali pinda sweda:- where a special type of rice having medicinal value is cooked in herbal decoction and tied in cloth to make boluses. These boluses are rhythmically rubbed over the body after dipping in not mixture of herbal decoction and milk after Abhyanga.
iv. Upanaha sweda:- A poultice is made after Abhyanga by hot thick paste of oil seeds or wheat flour etc. on the required part of the body where deep penetration of heat is necessary for more period.

3. SHIRODHARA:- A wonderful relaxation therapy in which a continuous stream of Luke warm oil/medicated buttermilk in special rhythmic swaying movement to the forehead for specific period.

Indication:- Anxiety, depression, hypertension, Diabetic neuropathy, Psoriasis, Insomnia, premature graying of hair etc.

4. SHIRO BASTHI:- A specially prepared cap is tied over the head and made it leakproof. The lukewarm medicated oil is filled in this cap for a height of 2 inches above the scalp & kept for 45 minutes.

Indication:- Stroke, facial paralysis etc. neurlogical diseases, psychological disorders etc.

5. KATI BASTHI:- A tank like structure is made over lumbar region with paste of Black -gram and warm medicated oil is poured to it & kept for about 45 minutes.

Indication:- Sciatica, Low-backache, Lumbar spondylosis etc.

6. UDVARTHANA:- A procedure where the paste or powder of herbs, deeply massaged against hairroots, all over the body.

Indication:- Highly recommended in obesity for weight reduction.

All these treatments and also some other treatments are done selectively according to the line of treatment of the diseases along with oral medication. Well-trained therapists will do all the treatments under the strict supervision of our expert team of doctors.